Assignment代寫范文|Discussion of network virtualization

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  Network virtualization involves platform virtualization,often combined with resource virtualization.Network card virtualization is an important part of network equipment virtualization.Meanwhile,network card virtualization includes two parts:software network card and hardware network card.
  In the process of software network card virtualization,the main way is to use the software to control the virtual machine,and then realize the sharing of a network card.Using the software network card virtual network card can have a separate MAC address and IP address,and so on.All virtual network CARDS can be connected to a physical switch via a virtual switch.Then,the virtual switch device should forward its existing data from the physical network.Different functions such as security control can be realized on different bases.
  In the process of virtual server,the technology used is to simulate a virtual port through software,so that it can better adapt to the needs of the simulator.In the network hardware equipment virtualization,mainly contains two aspects of content.The first is to perform the router's functionality in a traditional way of installing operations on an X86 architecture.The second is the virtualization of traditional network hardware devices.Depending on the hardware,the operating system of the network device will be customized,which will play an important role in improving the speed of the machine operation.With the development of network technology and social economy,how to provide low-cost network solutions has become a popular topic.Some companies have proposed the separation of operating system and hardware for the low price characteristics.So can effectively reduce the hardware platform of the constraints,can quickly occupy the market.
  At the same time,in order to effectively promote the use of large equipment port is small,reduce equipment investment,can also for physical device virtualization,the formation of multiple devices,and that in each device independent running normally.In order to carry out more effective management and control,it is possible to have multiple physical devices virtual as one,which will also have a better development prospect.
  Virtualization technology revolutionized the citic publishing house architecture of the application of practical design requirements of the structure,by applying the virtual and dynamic migration technique,has a higher requirement for network technology,to support a wider range of layer 2 domain.Generally speaking,the three-tier router can connect multiple data centers,and the two layer network communication is the basis for realizing the three-layer routing connection.Therefore,it is necessary to apply the virtual two-layer extension network.
  To sum up,with the development of the network,more and more problems have been solved,and the virtualization technology has become an important means to solve these problems.At present,some research has been done on virtual network technology,and some achievements have been made.
  However,in the process of practical application,all kinds of problems can be easily encountered.Therefore,we should pay attention to innovative technologies and methods based on the actual situation,strengthen research on relevant issues and technologies,and find more effective solutions to relevant problems.In this way,the equilibrium of physical network resource distribution is better realized,and the efficiency of network resources is effectively improved.In order to better meet the needs of people's life and the needs of production,network technology has been well developed.



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